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Mediate, don't litigate.

With 6 weeks of collaboration is better  than 6 years of litigation. Collaboration leads to healing. Litigation leads trauma.  Trauma will harm you and your children.

Why Mediate Your Family Law Dispute?

Family Law is a $50 Billion annual industry of individuals, professionals, corporations, and government profiting from suffering families. The legal industry has fooled parents going through divorce into believing that you must retain a lawyer to protect your rights, but court battles lead the parties to bankruptcy.

Mediation is an informal process where parties work things out without the hostility associated with court, and without a decision of who is right or wrong. The mediator helps each side to better understand their situation, promotes a problem-solving atmosphere, and lessens the temptation to fight with each other.  The mediator ensures that everyone has a change to be heard and understood, and encourages a solution that meets their needs.

When one party wants to mediate but the other party insists on fighting, we offer affordable legal coaching for parents with limited financial resources who represent themselves in Court.

Benefits of Mediation

Mediation involves several meetings of guided negotiations in which parties collaborate to resolve their dispute with the help of an independent mediator. Settling disputes through mediation can reduce the trauma to children, save money, and leave the parties in a better state of mind. There are a number of other significant benefits of mediation to the parties, and they include:

Greater Control

Each party is directly involved. No settlement can be imposed upon you. In contrast, in court, the parties must accept the judge’s decision, good or bad. 

Faster Outcome

Whereas divorce litigation takes years, mediation can be completed in weeks. Mediators are trained in working with difficult situations. Mediators facilitate, support, and guide.

Less Expensive

The cost is a small fraction of litigation.


Unlike public court, it’s private.


Any party may withdraw at any time. 


Mediation is arranged at a mutually convenient time and place, with private and joint meetings.

Protect Children

Preserving parental relationships is the key benefit of mediation. Mediation focuses on communicating rather than attacking each other so that children aren’t caught in the crossfire.

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