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Flat Fees are Available and Affordable in Family Court! Many parents with family law cases say, “I can’t afford a lawyer.”  But actually, there are affordable lawyers available, you just need to know where to look.   Traditional family law representation might be unaffordable to over 90% of the public, and it’s rightfully considered grossly inefficient.  But many family law lawyers have recognized this …

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How to Calculate Child Support

Child support is always payable to the parent with primary custody of the children (meaning more than half of the overnights with the children). The issue is overnights, not hours or days. The parent with more than half the overnights gets child support. When there’s 50-50, one week on, one off, child support in Pennsylvania is paid to the lower-earning parent.

Know your Strengths and Weaknesses

The opposing litigant, the lawyer, and witnesses aren’t your friend. And just because your friends and family love you and want to support you, doesn’t mean that they’re always helpful. The other side is there at court to present evidence against you and ask for something different than what you want. However polite or even friendly the other side is outside of court, remember that when your case is called, they’re going to be telling the judge why you shouldn’t get what you want. You’re in litigation.

If I’m Behind in Support, can my Kids be Kept from Me?

Your ex can not keep you from seeing your child if you are behind in child support. Courts are organized into separate family law categories: support, custody, and divorce. Child custody and child support are separate. Good or bad behavior in one does not affect the other. Your ex can’t withhold your custody time if you’re behind in your child support no matter how much you owe or how far behind you’ve fallen.

Win the “he said, she said” argument.

A family law case involves at least two people, and more if there’s children. The judge knows this, and So should you. Even if you’re the reasonable one and your ex is busting your chops the whole way, you chose that person as a spouse and/or co-parent, or at least didn’t run away sooner after the warning signs.

Be Brief. Draft an Elevator Pitch

As an arbitrator, I was always impressed with the experienced, short-spoken attorneys who made their point in a few seconds rather than the insecure young lawyers who spoke like they were paid by the word. When in Court, use the KISS method – keep it short stupid!

Prepare Your Evidence and Exhibits well in Advance

Having your documents organized helps you win your case. You need to know what information you have, where you have it, and how you’re going to use it. Using exhibits effectively will show the judge that you take the matter seriously, and it will make it easier for the judge to take you seriously as well.

Use all your Resources. Ask Others for Help

Traditionally, people get a lawyer for their family court case. Hiring a lawyer means you trust someone else who’s educated, experienced, and knows how to study the particular facts and apply them to the law. That’s the best way to get help, but also the most expensive. How do you prepare without the money to pay a lawyer?