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Family law is not brain surgery or rocket science, and you can learn it too.  Empower yourself to take control of your own destiny!

The program is loaded with content because we want to be sure that you continue your journey with confidence, knowledge, and the tools to get the best result for your children and your family. 

The Family Court Custody Bootcamp helps...

Self-represented litigants save money in custody court.

Program features include:

  • How to reduce legal fees by up to 80% of traditional family law legal services.
  • Dealing with high conflict exes, false abuse allegations, parental alienation, and out-of- custody time.
  • Child custody law crash course — blueprints, how-to’s, and steps to prepare for meetings, evaluations, and hearings.
  • Increasing self-confidence, reducing stress, and taking control of your life during the uncertainty of custody litigation.

The program takes you from feeling of vulnerability and hopelessness to empowerment and control regarding your custody dispute so that you can experience peace of mind during the litigation.

 “NOTE:   This program has information concerning the US Legal System ONLY.  I am in the production of programs for other English-speaking countries and will update the cart with the other versions as they are produced.”

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Unlock your Potential with Our Transformative Curriculum

This jam-packed 15-module custody court program is a thorough education to help anyone navigate the complicated world of child custody court proceedings.

It provides step-by-step guidance on how to protect your and your child’s best interests in any custody battle with actionable tips, strategies, and supplemental resources.  It’s the best value and the best online program of its kind available!

Modules in the Program:

Added Bonus:  Access to an exclusive Facebook group for Q and A about course material and resources.

Representatives from these local Non-Profits have taken and recommend the Family Law Custody Bootcamp

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About Larry DeMarco

Hi, I'm Larry DeMarco

 Hi, I’m Larry DeMarco, founder of The Law Center. I’ve been a volunteer at family court self-help desk and parents rights non-profit organizations and I’m frustrated about how inefficient the family court system is — from private attorneys, non-profit volunteer services, and the entire court system itself. 

To help correct this problem, I produced The Family Court Custody Bootcamp for self-represented litigants. There’s a wealth of resources, not only contained in the program itself, but the program directs you to additional valuable free online resources to help you become self-sufficient without having to break the bank on a private attorney.

I was a self-represented litigant in family court for over 10 years, and I produced these programs so others can benefit from my experience as both a client and a lawyer.  I have an advanced degree (LLM) in trial advocacy, I’m a seasoned litigator, I’ve been a lifelong volunteer for families and children, I serve on multiple committees for family rights no-profits, and I’ve been operating the educational YouTube channel for 4 years now.  I look forward to teaching you as well. 

What People are Saying

Larry helped me feel really confident navigating my way to find some resources available, legally fight, and gain custody of my kids. He put immense amount of information in the program... It was energetic, dynamic, and engaging.

Renee Garcia

Divorce Coaching


The advice you get is going to be invaluable even if you are paying lawyers to give you guidance because you need to understand the process, and you need to think through it very carefully.

Jonathan Koch

Wisconsin for Children and Families


The cost is a tiny fraction of what I would have spent on lawyers. If I wanted to learn all this stuff on my own, it would take me years to learn what I learned in this course. So I really highly recommend the Child Custody Bootcamp if you are in a child custody situation.


This is a great program, a great tool, and high quality. Filled with resources i would strongly recommend any parent who needs to be pro se in court, or considering using a limited scope attorney -- take Larry's course. it's well worth the money.

Joan Kloth-Zanard

Parental Alienation Support and Intervention


Larry cares about our kids... he realizes how difficult for a non lawyer to get justice. His program a practical tool to approach the reality of your situation with the best tools available. He teaches you what you need to know and what's not important. It's advice on what's reasonable and possible.

Screenshot 2023-06-06 at 12.48.28 AM
Joe Gormley

Founder of Saving Fatherhood Ministry


This program really helps you understand the whole legal process and It also teaches you how to take care of your health and mental health, especially at a difficult time. That’s really important for your children.

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Tony Bickel

Chairman, Wisconsin for Children and Families


It is a really detailed and informative course and is great value for the money. National Parent Organization is happy to recommend The Family Court Custody Bootcamp.

Lianna Mika

Director of Operations National Parents Organization


I have looked into other courses, and I have not been able to find a course that is equal to the content that Larry presents in the family boot camp, which is full of rich resources. The Law Center Custody Boot Camp is definitely one you should invest in - its the premiere program for individuals representing themselves in a high conflict case.

Screenshot 2023-06-06 at 11.43.23 AM

The Family Court custody boot camp was very valuable . . . it was very beneficial for where I was in my case, and I'm just happy that I took it. Larry explained everything very well.

Screenshot 2023-07-07 at 3.27.44 PM
Claudia Ovalles

Interference with Child Custody Coalition


Larry DeMarco's Family Court boot camp is a program I would highly recommend to prospective litigants ladder gives you a complete and thorough explanation of various topics from family law including child support petitions recusal of judges and many more.

Stephen Boyd

Founder of the Gabriella Body Foundation


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