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The Dangers of Vaping and Relief through the Juul Labs Class Action Lawsuit

Juul Labs, the makers of e-cigarettes and vapor pods, are facing lawsuits alleging that they didn’t adequately warn users of the risks of their products. Juul markets their products as a safer alternative to regular cigarettes but they more dangerous because they contain more nicotine.   

Nicotine can be harmful to anyone at any age, but it has been shown to be significantly more addicting and harmful to children and teenagers. Juul didn’t do enough to warn users of these risks and it may have even directly marketed to children.  Teenagers have always been smoking regular cigarettes, but Juul has given them a new hobby because its “cool” and comes in appealing flavors.  

Juul has been the most recognized name in the race to dominate the exploding e-cigarette market, worth more than $38 billion.  Tobacco companies are significantly invested in Juul. Their success is attributed to its popularity with young people.   Juul marked Juul ecigarette’s as hip and attractive to younger consumers. Their advertising went as far as doing presentations in schools under the false pretense of a mental health and anti-addiction seminar.

Juul didn’t quit this behavior until federal and state governments started investigations and threatened fines and legislation.  They only started putting sufficient nicotine warning on their products when forced to by law.  But that’s in the future. Millions of people have already used Juul products without knowing the dangers, including an untold number of teens. Many of whom now have a nicotine addiction.

Although Juul is busy trying to clean up its act, the damage has been done. If you’re one of the tens of thousands of people who used Juul products as a minor and then acquired a nicotine addiction, you may be facing health damage from nicotine in the future as well the pain, discomfort, and the cost of trying to quit. We think you should be compensated for that, and Juul held accountable for that harm.  Click the “Request Consultation” button and complete the form for a free case evaluation.