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Survivors of Human and Sex Trafficking can Sue!

Victims of human or sex trafficking can sue businesses who participated, facilitated, or benefitted from the commission of the trafficking crime.   Society has been coming increasingly aware of this crime against humanity, and the laws reflect that awareness. 

In 2000, Congress passed the Trafficking Victims Protection Act, and in later years, they reauthorized, expanded, and strengthened the law as awareness of human trafficking grew.  The current version allows survivors of human and sex trafficking to sue those responsible, including organizations that participate, facilitate, or financially benefit from trafficking.

Potential targets for these lawsuits are: hotels, apartments, massage parlors, apartments complexes, condominiums, truck stops, and similar commercial entities.   If you work with survivors of sex or human trafficking and want to help, be sure to ask questions about location, where transactions happened, surrounding businesses, and commercial entities that were involved anywhere along the victim’s path.

 Consider witnesses, bystanders, and employees of large companies who “looked the other way” and ignored what was going on in the name of greed or profit.   When you take action, you will become part of the solution and make the world safer by preventing this from happening to other victims.

If you, your loved one, your patient, your client of your agency or non-profit, or other individual was the victim of human or sex trafficking, click the “Request Consultation” button for a free case evaluation.