You Can Learn How to Navigate the Legal System and Protect Your Rights as a Self-Represented Litigant if You Know What to Do!

I’m Lawrence DeMarco, Family Law Attorney and creator of the Ultimate Guide To Protecting Your Family & Legal Rights, a legal guide to protecting yourself as a self-represented litigant in custody court.   When you sign up for our mailing list, you get our free guide!

Larry DeMarco, Founder of The Law Center Production Company

has Produced Educational Content for the Following Authors and Family Court Experts:
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The Law Center YouTube Channel

These informational videos include :

  • Educational Videos organized by legal issue
  • Navigating your way through the court system
  • Understanding your legal rights
  • Self-represented litigants, particularly for Family Law cases.

Sponsored by G. Lawrence DeMarco, LLM and the Law Firm of DeMarco & DeMarco, P.C.

Learn how to Save Money in Family Court!

By downloading the guide, I’ll teach you:

About Parental Alienation

Top Experts Share their Research, and The Law Center  Illustrates their work with Animation and Stock Footage

Trial Preparation Assistance

Practical tips for preparing for trial, including how to choose and work with a limited scope attorney.  

How to Defendant against False Allegations

The Law Center had created an entire playlist of videos so you can learn to fight false allegations of child abuse

And so much more!

How will The Law Center YouTube Channel help me in Family Court?

Too many people can’t afford the cost of a private attorney, and can’t afford the $20,000 average cost of disputed custody litigation. Even free legal aid only meets the needs of 20% of the people who qualify. The Law Center contains practical solutions to help self-represented litigants navigate custody court, remove the fear of the unknown, and empower you to make the best decisions during the confusion and stress of custody litigation.

That's not all...

Grab the guide, and I’ll also show you the following:

Other Resources on YouTube, including Court-produced Self-Help YouTube channels.

How to choose the most effective attorney and still spend the least amount of money

Problems in Family Court, Proposed Solutions, and pitfalls to avoid as a litigant

Child Support Playlist, including how to calculate child support and prepare for a hearing

About Larrt DeMarco

Hi, I'm Larry DeMarco

 I’m so glad you’re here!

I am a practicing attorney and former self-represented litigant in custody court.
I saved tens of thousands of dollars in attorney’s fees by self-representing in family court during high-conflict litigation.
This is the reason  I’ve produced The Law Center YouTube channel to help others learn how I did it.
My clients, therapists, and experts rave about the high-quality content on my YouTube channel, but they’ve commented that YouTube can be confusing to navigate.
This free guide is the solution!

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Customers reviews

Who Recommends these Videos?

“It can be challenging to hold an audience’s attention even with PowerPoint, but Mr. DeMarco’s whiteboard animated videos help instruct, engage, and entertain viewers with dramatic effect."
William Bernet MD
Professor Emeritus, Vanderbuilt University
“I am pleased and honored to work with you on producing these videos. Brilliant and fantastic doesn’t begin to cover how good a job you do with these things.”
Steven G. Miller MD

“Larry DeMarco has since taken his talents from litigation to video production with great gusto and finesse.   He has found a way to take what the professionals and experts are saying and create simple straight forward short videos to exemplify their work with exceptional content.”

Joan Kloth-Zanard

Founder, Parental Alienation Support Intervention

“Larry is doing a great service for those of us who are involved in the legal world. He takes articles … and turns them into creative, comic-book type, enjoyable videos. He does a fantastic job … perfect for mass consumption.”
Alan Blotcky, PhD
clinical and forensic psychologist
“I love it! All of it! I’m glad I have this vehicle to put the TPFF intervention out there.”
Linda Gottlieb
Founder of Turning Points for Families

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