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Opioid Addiction can be Caused by Prescription Medication

Drug manufacturers and doctors are the two main targets in the legal fight against opioid abuse.  Drug manufacturers of fentanyl, hydrocodone, codeine, and numerous other drugs have contributed the addiction problem in our country. Governments have filed lawsuits against some of the manufacturers and sellers of these drugs because of their wrongful marketing and distribution practices.  Families with loved ones who’ve died from opioid overdoses can participate in lawsuits against the responsible manufacturers if their warnings were inadequate or if they’ve used illegal marketing strategies to dump drugs into mainstream society.

Drug manufacturers must divert shipments of drugs when the order appears abusive and provide adequate warnings of the risks and potential for addiction. Many doctors report that the drug companies downplayed the addiction risk during marketing. When drug companies market these drugs illegally or fail to divert suspicious shipments, they can be held liable for all damages, including treatment costs, Lost wages, and pain and suffering. 

Doctors are the other main target in the legal battle.  Doctors often prescribe pain pills for simple back pain and over-prescribing has been blamed for contributing to the heroin epidemic.  Doctors are required to use reasonable care in preventing prescription medication from becoming harmfully addictive and if they don’t they can be liable for a malpractice claim.  

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